"L&F" BFR Bands

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These come in a pair!m of two!

Try out our 2 n 1 BRF bands for occlusion training on those glutes!

You can turn these into regular resistance as well!

Occlusion training is also called blood flow restriction training (BFR). The goal is to decrease the time it takes to build strength and muscle size.

The basic technique calls for restricting blood flow to a muscle that you’re exercising for the purpose of building its strength and size.

Why does it work?

This occlusion (blockage) of the vein increases your blood’s lactate concentration. You can work out at a lower intensity while giving the feeling of a much harder workout.

When your brain thinks your body is experiencing a difficult physical challenge, it signals the pituitary gland to release more growth hormones and hormones that respond to muscle growth, or hypertrophy.

* DO NOT wear if you have blood clot issues 

*If so please get clearance from physician